Welcome Home

Welcome home

Your story and your path are sacred and full of meaning if you have eyes to see it. Unfortunately, so much of the way we were taught to connect to our higher purposes–religion, politics, the Big Stories we tell about ourselves–gets in the way of finding that vision for ourselves. The Home for the Wayward is for people who feel boxed in, out of place, and lonely in old belief systems, people ready to find their own way.

The Home for the Wayward isn’t a place to learn a prescribed path to find meaning in your life, but to learn to have eyes to find your way. It’s a place to unpack old lies and baggage. It’s a place where we learn to tell our own stories about ourselves and our unique purposes using intuition and creativity. It’s a place to find friends in the discovery.

My online community has group discussions, regular events for writers, book clubs. There are also courses and special events that help you unpack your own amazingness and meet inspiring fellow travelers.

Amy Farnham’s story

Why I started my Home for the Wayward

I started writing my own story in the aftermath of my divorce, when the major upheaval of my life shifted my vision and I started to see little miracles of meaning in the  circumstances all around me. Eternity seemed to punch through all of the noise into my reality. My heart leapt at the sound of the universe, and in those moments I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was known and loved.

After a lifetime of churchgoing, that was the beginning of the Divine speaking into my life in ways I had been taught were impossible, maybe even heretical… I realized that what I’d known of and learned about the life with God and my own purpose and meaning was just a shadow of what was possible. I couldn’t help but follow those moments, deeper into communion with the God I was getting to know, and (to my surprise) deeper into knowing myself.

They have taken me down a path I never would have expected–straight out of the church as I knew it, away from the political party that was an integral part of my life and beliefs. Those meaningful moments upended so many assumptions and beliefs and brought me to a life that is wild and unexpected and beautiful! I found grace that truly set me free.

I created this community out of gratitude for that freedom. I’m not here to preach that you should find the same path I have. Heck, I don’t even know what my own path will look like 20 years, 10 years, 5… from now. (And I find that mystery exciting!) I created the Home for the Wayward to help other people find their own freedom. I created it to experience the joy of seeing people become unleashed.